In the past 2 weeks this WordPress blog has been subject to a Brute Force Hack Attack. There have been several hundred attempts to ‘log in’ into the Dashboard but, due to our stringent security measures all attempts have been foiled.


EVERY login attempt on this site is logged so we know who you are and where you come from. We have each and every IP address of each and every attempt. Every FAILED login attempt is automatically blocked by our system and reported to the administrators of the site. You may as well give up – this site only allows logins from designated IP addresses and if you aren’t on the list of designated IP’s YOU WON’T GET IN!!!

So please give up NOW – you are just filling our inboxes with failed attempts and, quite frankly I have better things to do than keep deleting ‘failed login’ mails. Go play somewhere else!!!


Soon everyone will know what you’ve looked at on Facebook

Facebook’s new “read receipts” will soon tell your friends what you’ve looked at on the social network. Not ALL things on Facebook will have these little markers – at …

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It seems 84% of people in the poll accompanying this article are UNHAPPY at yet another infringement of privacy by Facebook. Maybe we don’t want our ‘friends’ to know what we are looking at? 

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Why Would Anyone Want To Hack My Site?

Do you think that since you don’t have ecommerce on your site that no one would want to hack your site? Think again! This week we’ll give just a overview on last month’s WordPress attack and then talk about some common reasons why your website might be a target.

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At the moment I am dealing with a brute force attack on a clients WordPress site. The site IS secure and the hackers can’t get in but it is a nuisance. Make sure YOUR wordpress site is secure with a secure username and password. Read this article as to why

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It’s Time To Break Up With Google Chrome

The age-old story of which is the best browser continues to come up as updated versions with fancier features are released. Everywhere you look it seems that users have a completely different opinion. So, maybe it really does come down to personal preference. As a big fan of Google Chrome for a long time, I…

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