The Anatomy of a Winning Website Design #Infographic

Eye-catching, on-brand color schemes. Big, bold images. Striking headlines.

These are all important parts of great website design. After all, they’re what can make or break a new site visitor’s first impression of your site. But what about the more nitty-gritty parts of great website design — like helpful navigation menus, strong calls-to-action, and indicators of website security and trust?

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Why Blog? The Benefits of Blogging for Business and Marketing

I had a co-worker email me the other day asking for a blog post about the benefits of business blogging.


“It’s for a friend,” she said.


Sure it was.


I told her I’d shoot over one of our up-to-date blog posts about why businesses should blog and … I couldn’t find one. Whoops. Quite the meta mistake.


So I’m doing it now. If you’re trying to explain one of the core tenets of inbound — business blogging — to your boss, a co-worker, your mom at Thanksgiving, whomever, then send them this post. I hope it helps….

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