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First Page on Google – don’t fall for the charlatans

This morning yet another ‘offer’ to put my website on THE FIRST PAGE of Google has dropped into my mailbox. This has prompted me to write a blog on the subject.

These emails amuse me because IF these people had actually visited my site they would see that I am a web designer and fully trained SEO consultant. No ‘real’ SEO consultant or agency would ever guarantee they can get you on the first page page of Google. That would be like selling you a lottery ticket GUARANTEED to have the 6 winning numbers!!

SEO is not an exact science and I would never say I could get a clients’ site onto the first page of Google, although some of my clients have been thrilled to find themselves in that very position. Picking the right keywords can often be trial and error and can take quite a while to find keywords that will rank. What also doesn’t help is the frequent Google algorithm updates which move the goalposts somewhat – so what ranked as number one yesterday could be number one hundred and one today (I exaggerate slightly – but you get the drift).

We, at Human Interface Publications, will analyse your site content and find the optimum way we can get you the best ranking on Google. We will not just do this once and say ‘there you are we have search engine optimised your site and it is now up to you’ but we will continue to analyse your site and content, and your rankings over several months and continue to ‘tweek’ the settings until we are sure we have done the best job we can for you. We will then continue to revisit your rankings (especially after a Google update) to see if we can improve the performance of your site. Of course a site with content that is being updated regularly will always rank better than a site with fixed content designed several years ago “and we are quite happy not to change it, thank you”. Google is always searching for refreshing new content which will stimulate it’s users to visit you site as opposed to that of your competitor. After all, if your daily newspaper just published the same news day after day, you would soon stop buying it and we all know how sick we get of TV ‘repeats’. Google is the same, it wants to see that you (and your web designer) care about your site, tend it lovingly and nurture it’s growth.

But I digress. To go back to the original subject – the emails. I am sure I am not the only one receiving such emails and I wonder how many people are taken in by the ‘get rich quick’ claims that such emails portray? My advice is, don’t get taken in by their promises because they are not promises they can fulfil. No REAL SEO consultant will make such sweeping claims. If you consulted me I would tell you I would make my best efforts to rank you well, it might take weeks or possibly months to achieve any ranking at all (depending on the maturity of your site – and by that I don’t mean 18+ content but the AGE of your domain LOL). My company would continue to monitor your placings and statistics (via Google Analytics – you can always set up an account and do this yourself – it isn’t an elite club!) and report back to you how your site was doing but we would always be striving to improve your position.

So don’t be taken in by bold claims, consign such emails to the spam box or trash can (though by reporting as SPAM it means that eventually they will not be able to con anyone else!!) and consult a REAL SEO consultant who will be pleased to advise you on your sites ability to rank well with Google.

Please feel free to visit the Human Interface Publications SEO page and if you feel we can help you then do contact us and we will see what we can do for you.