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4 “What’s Working NOW” Facebook Post Ideas

How is it going with getting your posts seen by your fans on Facebook these days?

Let me guess. You have great stuff that think your fans are going to love.

You post it and wait anxiously for all of the Reactions (used to be Likes), Comments and Shares you are bound to get (WOW! what a Facebook community-building genius your are!) and then…

…CRICKETS! and a big UUUGGGHHH, what happened, right?

Low Facebook Reach is NOT Your Fault

I will say it again…it’s NOT your fault. The truth is that Facebook has stacked the cards against you.

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Don’t Panic – You Can Still Like & Comment on Facebook Pages as Your Business

It can be tough using Facebook for business. Every time you think you know what you are doing Facebook change something. Whether it’s a change in the newsfeed algorithm or a layout change they really know how to keep you on your toes. 

Last week Facebook changed the way you access your Facebook business page. You can no longer ‘Use Facebook As’ function. Facebookers were understandably confused and many came to me looking for a solution. This post is my answer.

In this post I will show you:

1. Where to find your business page Facebook feed

2. How to Like other business pages from your Facebook page

3. How to comment and like posts as your page

4. Liking and commenting on mobile

5. What is Business Manager and how do you know if you’ve got it?…

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Infographic: Hidden Facts About How Facebook Is Moderated

Have you ever wondered how Facebook is moderated? And with the global nature of Facebook, who are these moderators? 
The following infographic by Who Is Hosting This reveals the details about Facebook traffic, showing how Facebook moderators play a huge role in making sure that our newsfeeds are safe from offensive content. 
Other details include a look at the 800 to 1,000 Facebook moderators worldwide, the types of content that are subject to moderation, as well as the reporting process that the flagged content goes through before any decision is made about it.

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